Psychotherapy is classically defined as "the talking cure" and this is essentially what we work together to bring you.

Sessions last for 50 minutes and occur at a regular time each week. They are initially scheduled on a weekly basis, but frequency can be increased if you need more support, particularly during the most testing periods of the therapy. 

It is difficult to determine at the outset how long a therapy might last.  However  this is something we will look at initially, to ensure our expectations are compatible and realistic, and then again at regular intervals throughout the therapy as we review progress.  The intention is to get the earliest possible improvement for you, but everyone is different.  We work only as quickly as is compatible with securing a safe and permanent benefit for you.  Entering into psychotherapy typically means a commitment of between 6  months and 3 years work to see real and lasting change.

  Our work each week explores conscious thoughts and memories of your current and past life.  We work to link theses with appropriate feeling states and gradually bring forward unconscious or forgotten memories and associated feelings.  Working this way, we bring a linked intellectual and emotional understanding of issues that sit beneath your symptoms.  It is in this way we reduce and remove the power they have to negatively impact and influence your adult life.

If you want to discuss theses ideas specifically in regard of your situation or that of someone you care for, please call me on 667 764 412 or